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Welcome to Smarwifi!

Smartwifi is a high performance wifi network providing free internet access in certain areas of Hungary. You can find the map of the exact coverage here.

You can use it for free

Do you need internet access for a mini holiday or do you want to use it for a longer time?

Just connect to one of our hotspots.


Don’t you want suggestions as you know what you want? You can do it easily. Use limitless high speed internet without adverts anywhere on Smartwifi’s network.

Smartwifi card valid for 10 days

Do you need internet for a mini holiday or for a longer time? You can easily do both with the Smartwifi card, valid for 10 days!

Buy online!


You can activate the Smartwifi card on two devices. You can use it yourself or you can share it with a friend or family member.


After the 10 days period the service is cancelled automatically. You don’t need to cancel or pause it, and you don’t have extra costs of course.

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Activating SWC card

Click on the activate icon

Aktiválás link

Activating the SWC card

If you bought a Smartwifi card online or in one of the selling points and the card contains and SWC log in code and you need to click on activate for the next step.

If the card contains an SWBH log in code you need to click on BAHART VIP belépés to log in.

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Activating the SWC card –error

If you try to activate your card from a different network (4g or a different wifi) then you receive the following error message:

accept SWC ASZF

Activating the SWC card

First you need to accept the ÁSZF (general conditions)

accept SWC ASZF

SWC card data

You need to type the SWC log in code and then the password.

In the Card ID section type only the numbers (do not type the letters) for example 00000555 Or 555. .

 SWC adatok

Success or not?

The system will let you know about the success of the activation.

In case of a successful log in, we will not direct you to the login page. If it still happens for any reason, please use the following red button on the log in page.

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